Crop Video with Windows Movie Maker

WMM provides facility for you to easily crop any videos, if you are not familiar with Windows Movie Maker before, it might be a little difficult for you for using this tools. The below step-by-step guide is especially written for you to learn how to crop videos in Windows Movie Maker. Check it out right away.

Step 1. The first step will be installing the program to your computer system and then launch it. After that, importing all the files to work on into the timeline of Windows Movie Maker should follow. You should use the “import video” command available on the tasks list to have the video selected and then click “import” button.

Step 2. From the filters window of the program, you will see a button named “cropping” which you should click on. The button remains unusable until the point when you have added the filters and open them. Up to four controls will be visible on the cropping window which you will use along both X and Y axes to cut the video frame.

Step 3. Once you have attained the required size of your video after cropping, press on the “ok” button to complete the process. You will have done nothing if you don’t save the changes effected to the video and that should be on a standard format like AVI. The cropped file must be saved to a folder where accessing will be the easiest thing to do.

Step 4. Lastly, export your cropped video file or enjoy it right in the Windows Movie Maker.

To know the magnitude of your cropping, do a comparison of the edited video and original one and you will get a clear picture of that.

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